Revit MEP certifications covered

Certification 2018


Revit Certification

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Revit Tips 2015

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Starting with this article new type of information will be added to the blog related to Autodesk Revit behavior and useful guidance.


Construction drawings – Part 5

Inventor Professional Button  2015 comes with new challenges ! ipt’s & idw’s available on request.

Construction drawings – Part 4

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For 2014 I’ve worked on some metal stands and results are certainly shared. The list will be updated with renderings and execution drawings.

To be continued…

3D Modelling has been retired for a while – I’ve finally finished the main scene & lighting arrangement and sure some projects which I’d like to share to all interested.
Max Desktop

01. Earphones
Autodesk 3Ds Max 2014 + MR Renderer
Earphones 01Earphones 02

Construction drawings – Part 3

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By using Inventor Professional 2014 I could easily carry out this Sheet-Metal project making sure that all will blend right and also the execution time will be convenient. Rendering was finalized by using Autodesk Showcase 2014 (visualization and 3D presentation). On the bottom I’ve built an example that could be useful for the most of us.
Construction Drawings - Part 3

Powerful tools from Adobe (Creative Cloud)

Cloud Icon  Finally tested the latest product suite from Adobe which they simply call “CC” (Creative Cloud) with a lot of improvements in terms of functionality, ergonomy and speed. For my three warriors (PsAiFl) I’ve listed below news that gave me satisfaction and also bolded some latest and extraordinary additions. As a reward for their hard work I’ve created the Adobe Cloud logo and later the MacBook PRO (Highly detailed up to 1500px) & The Cigarette, all from scratch which are also available by e-mail for anyone interested. On the bottom I’ve made a summary for Ps history and also listed |CHM (Computer History Museum) intentions to publish the main (1.0.1) software source code.

Creative Cloud Project

Construction drawings – Part 2

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Inventor Professional 2013 is here – I’ve prepared some drawings & lessons for anyone interested. Detailed/section views are also available in the PDF.file (lineweights have been removed for a clear view on threads).
Capac 01
Capac PDF